If it's three eggs...

…then it must be cradled in a 300 gram nest. And yes, that’s what you’re looking at down below this paragraph. Pasta for 3 or 4 people in the making.

egg pasta
Eggs and flour for pasta

I was always horrible at making pasta. Even with my best effort I came up with a billiard ball of dough, hard as a politician’s noggin. I had to fudge the recipe by adding water. The dough tore. It was hard to get through the machine. I stopped making fresh pasta. I didn’t want folks to know about my failure. Shame hung over me like it should hang over bankers.

Then I took a little trip out to Lazio, to my little gastronomic hangout right outside Rome, a place in the Roman countryside called Flavor of Italy. Chef Wendy made me whole again.

You see, I was doing the American thing, measuring my crappy flour with a plastic “cup” measuring thingy.

That’s just wrong.

After Wendy demonstrated to me how foolproof it was to make pasta dough when you weigh the flour, I bought a nifty little scale. Now I just grab a couple of big eggs from my local egg farm, weigh out 200 grams of flour and make a little volcano out of it (it’s fun, kids!), plop in the eggs into the crater, fork them about to and fro—and the pasta for two practically makes itself. It’s easier than going to the store to buy the boxed stuff. Now I get a smooth ball of dough that I can flatten and pass through my new pasta machine and it comes out in silky ribbons. I’m going nuts. It’s so easy.

Now, if I just had those great eggs like they do in Italy, with the yolks that make the pasta glow a healthy yellow…

Shoot, I might have to try harder with my gelato so I can be like Wendy’s favorite Roman gelato guy, Claudio Torcé. He must be good, his venues are named…Gelato.

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