Nozzano Castello in Tuscany

nozzano castello towerOk, if you look at the picture on the right, you’re maybe thinking, wow, “that’s some tower with that small building on it.” Lots of people have never seen it before. In fact, I couldn’t get anyone on our facebook page to identify it. It’s in Lucca province, and it’s just up the Serchio river east of Massaciuccoli. It’s not so far from Lucca, as a matter of fact.

We came upon the view when we were letting our GPS guide us home from Massaciuccoli after we had taken an excursion to look for a well-signposted hotel. The GPS babe placidly lead us to an intersection when I blurted out, “Look at that!” and made Martha turn the car in the opposite direction, which perturbed the GPS woman no end. Since the last time I’ve had a GPS they’ve made the women who speak sound quite a bit more realistic. So when she muttered, “recalculating” there was a hint of annoyance in her voice, as if you’d wakened her during her pedicure by twisting one of those sticks under her toenails they use to torture you with. Anyway, we made it into town and there it was in front of us: Nozzano Castello, a walled hill town with a castle whose keep couldn’t be visited, ever, according to a woman I consulted who happened to be sweeping her terrace (with a great view!) before I interrupted her.

nozzano castello picture
Nozzano Castello City Gate

But hold on—perhaps you can. You see there’s a festival called Il Castello Rivive coming up. It’s one of those medieval festivals where people dress up in old-time costumes and you watch them take 7 hours to make things they could have bought from a Chinese sweat shop for half a Euro. Anyway, it’s likely that during the festival you might get into the castle keep. (I’ve read today that all historical sites in Italy have to open to the public at least one day a year.)

Above you see a picture of the town gate. Nice, eh? Nozzano Castello reminds me of the little Castle and borgo at Lari.

There are a lot of interesting things the folks on the grand tour never see. Perhaps you should try a vacation rental for a while and see some of the small things.

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