Grains of Sand - Italy's Beaches Are Disappearing

Interesting article on how unusual winter storms have wiped out some of Italy’s beaches, and in some cases how sand is being trucked in to replace the stuff that’s been washed out. Italy’s elite are dismayed by vanishing beaches

But the kicker is in the last paragraph, where an expert blames those endless strings of traditional Italian beach clubs for the sands disappearance:

“The dunes which advanced to replace lost sand are being concreted over by the clubs,” said Giorgio Zampetti. “By building beach clubs to profit from the sand, people are ensuring that sand will vanish.”

Interesting! Odd things humans do for profit have consequences! And then:

“Storms chewing away at the beaches are more violent because of climate change” and “rising sea levels” are a couple more reasons cited in the article linked above as causes for disappearing sand. Quantifiable facts.

(Geography of Science vs. Superstition Note: “Real” American’s don’t “believe” in climate change. “Belief” matters not, of course, because climate change is quantifiable and able to be understood. Observable facts are what God allows you to know, there is no decent reason to ignore them for Her sake.)

In any case, I was thinking of the beach clubs and how they are inadvertently destroying the silicon base of the Sun Worshipers they serve in the context of last night’s encounter with zillion-decibel music on every street corner during Aulla’s Notte Bianca. At first I thought it would be nice to get old enough so I was deaf to such things so that I could ignore them (as well as needing a sweater when the temperature dipped a degree below sweltering for the younger folks). Of course, the easy cure for good hearing is to sit in front of the humongous speakers for an hour or so.

Life and its solutions are so darned circular sometimes.

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