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abbey pulsano pictureWhen I visited the Abbey of Pulsano, a sort of spiritual center awakened from the dead by volunteers and now very much a community of like-minded people, I looked at some pictures of other spiritual buildings in the area, all in ruins and many built on nearly inaccessible cliffs and forbidding outcrops—like some of the monasteries of Meteora in Greece.

In some ways, these rocky skeletons had finally achieved the ultimate peace, or at least it seemed that way when you looked at the pictures. They were beautiful, blending perfectly with the landscape. Human work against a stronger power, a “horrible” power, decay. In between comes a sort of perfection.

If you want plan a trip, we’ve got it covered with some pictures and a map and guide to the Abbey of Pulsano on the Gargano promentory in Puglia.

(The picture above shows the apse of the church in the Abbey of Pulsano; the church is backed into a cave.)

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