View From Brolio Castle

Imagine if you had a modest place in the rolling hills of Tuscany’s Chianti Classico region that had been in your family since 1141 and came with this view. (Yes, it would probably have been paid for by now I hear you say.) In any case, this is the view from Brolio Castle in Gaiole in Chianti.

brolio castle view
View from Brolio Castle, Gaiole in Chianti

While the castle remains in private hands, you can visit the gardens and the tower, in which there is a small museum of artifacts mostly from the time of the “Iron Baron” Bettino Ricasoli, who actually invented the formula for Chianti Wine.

Then, of course, you can head over to the tasting room and taste the current fruits of those labors. As someone who has taken a plethora of wine tours and been quite bored with some of them, I’d say a visit to the Castle, gardens and to the Baron Ricasoli tasting room is well worth your time. They’ve done a bang-up job on the hospitality side of the business, something often overlooked by wineries in Italy.

More later, including the details of a fine lunch at the Osteria del Castello.

The web page is very informative as well: Baron Ricasoli

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