Trattoria Mummo & Francesca 

When I saw them building a place wedged between the road to San Stefano di Magra and the river, I wondered who’d be crazy enough to put a house way out in the middle of nowhere but right next to a busy road. It turned out to be a restaurant called Trattoria Pizzeria da Mummo & Francesca when it was finished.

We finally made it there for lunch. Martha had the worker’s lunch at 12 Euros, a quarter of wine and a bottle of water included. I ordered off the menu. I had some pretty nifty food. Martha’s was rather ordinary.

So here:

Whole Wheat Ravioli stuffed with braised venison with a red wild boar sauce.

What you see up there, in all its meaty glory, is whole grain ravioli stuffed with braised venison and sauced with a red cinghiale or wild boar sauce. Boy, that’ll stick to your ribs. 5 out of five stars, but it wouldn’t do at all for a light summer starter if you catch my drift.

pork filet with porciniThen came the pork fillet with porcini sauce, elegantly presented as you see to the right. If you click the picture, it will go to the proper Wandering Italy site and you can see the picture larger, (just sayin’ if you’re seeing this post as stolen property on another site.) This one was more visually appealing than the pasta (perhaps) but lacked seasoning (surprisingly, as this is Italy!). Just so-so flavor, with industrial pork and preserved mushrooms (but at this time of year you’d expect them). Over all, with a big insalata, it was a very good experience. I’d go again.

Trattoria Pizzeria da Mummo & Francesca
Via Saigola, 5 (SS Cisa) – 54011 Aulla
tel – 0187.41.30.17

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