On a Clear Day in the Lunigiana...

Here it comes, a celebration of the springing of Spring, the first warm day since we’ve been here this year. (I’m not kidding, when we arrived it was 40 degrees F inside the house and 70 percent humidity—now the numbers are exactly reversed.

View of Mountains from Podenzana, Italy
Podenzana Castle on the left, Bibola on the hill on the right

The wind has come along and cleaned the crap outta the air and we were blessed by views like this as we drove around looking for restaurant pictures in this northern Tuscany land of Panigacci.

You need to click the picture to get your whining electric box to spread this glorious panorama across your digital screen like artisan butter on pane di Vinca toast. Mmmmm.

On the left is Podenzana Castle and on the hill to the right is Bibola, what’s left of a castle and borgo; Bibola is in the path of the Via Francigena, the pilgrimage trail to Rome. Why they got that high is a mystery to me, when there’s a river below, but getting high inflames some people’s sense of themselves and maybe others, so there you have it. (It worked for Charlie Sheen.)

Spring has sprung. I’m doing a dance. In my underwear no less. It’s about time.

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