San Sperate, Sardinia

Behind the Murals of San Sperate, There's a Story

san sperate, sardinia
Mural in San Sperate, Sardinia

San Sperate, Sardinia—the tools of the contadini. Yes, just there, on the wall. A rival town sent a group of bad guys on motorcycles to steal them, we were told my artist Pinuccio Sciola, the famous resident of San Sperate who makes rocks sing.

They were not successful. You see, it’s “just” a mural, one of many for which the town is noted. Not “famous,” a title that is usually reserved for Orgosolo, whose murals are mainly political. The murals of San Sperate celebrate life and the foods produced here in the middle of the Compidano plain. I like them very much.

And this is the season for oranges, so:

Orange tree mural, san srerato, sardinia
Orange tree mural in San Sperato, Sardinia

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