Sartiglia and Stars in Oristano, Sardinia

sartiglia picture
Sartiglia success, Oristano, Sardinia

This medieval carnevale game is easy. You get into an intricate costume (as does your horse), you ride in a parade through town to a starting point, then, when it’s your turn, you gallop down a street mounded with sand as fast as you can and do what you see in the picture, namely skewering a hanging star, which has a hole of about one inch in the center, using your foil.

It takes quite a bit of skill. And the horse has to cooperate, too.


sartiglia fail
Sartiglia Corso delle Stelle

It’s a fascinating, all day affair with parade. For more on the festival and find out the dates of the next Sartiglia, see the official Sartiglia site

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