Italian Events in Winter

I only spend the occasional winter in Italy. It’s the ideal time to visit if you’ve got a place in a city to hang your hat a while (check out the whole idea of what they call Self Catering. It’s hot).

For example, we’re nearing the end of the one of Luccas pride-and-joy celebrations of the digital art of photography: Lucca Digital Photo Fest which hinges around women: “photographers and artists, models or inspiring muses.”

More photography and video is found at Travel in Italy at Palazzo Fabroni in Pistoia which has as its subject “Travel in Italy – A look at modern Italy through international eyes”.

And I’ve always looked for an excuse to learn more about seldom-visited Piombino on The Etruscan Coast.” I would likely be tempted by Leonardo Da Vinci’s return to Piombino at Piombino Castle – Livorno

Heck, just look at TuscanyPass. There’s something there for you if you’re in the least bit cultured—everything but The All-Meat Nativity Scene. Rich.

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