Lady Gaga in Milan

Before today, I did not know this Lady Gaga. Then I saw a picture of her wearing these incredible no-heel shoes in Milan, Italy and decided Lady Gaga and I are polar opposites. I do not care about my shoes. Lady Gaga does not only care about her “footwear”, she risks her life.

See: Highs and lows of Lady Gaga: Pop star wears her favourite gravity-defying platforms with a plunging dress

The headline is as long as her neckline plunges.

milan duomo pictureMilan and Lady Gaga seem to me to go together. Fashion. I’ve never quite understood why folks have to go around in clothing totally unsuitable for the climate they are wallowing in just because somebody famous put a huge price tag on it. I mean, the weather in Milan at the moment is 34 degrees and raining. It’s not plunging neckline weather. Nor is it heelless shoe weather.

But this is neither here nor there. Milan has a very nice Gothic Duomo upon which Gargoyles frolic shoeless. There’s a nice castle with art inside. Some nice restaurants. Beyond, it’s just like any other American city, it seems to me, except one involved in the production of Alfa Romeos. America doesn’t have anything like that.

milan duomo decoration pictureYou can get up on the Duomo roof and look down on Iowa-flat Milano like the picture on the right up there. Or you can wander around the Duomo from street level, looking at the details, like the one on the left. Odd details. Legs the way they were meant to be. Shoeless. Bodyless.

I have an idea. Perhaps you all should join up to tell me the wonders of Milan that attract you, like plunging necklines and the perfect hockey hip check, on our facebook page. You can add bits about how you lust after Lady Gaga’s shoes if you want, although you should walk a mile in them first. You can take laps around the Duomo.

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