The Garfagnana

devils bridge picture
The Devil's Bridge, Ponte del Diavolo, in Borgo a Mozzano in the Garfagnana

I always think of the Garfagnana as a sister territory to the Lunigiana. They’re both rural, mountainous, and the source of delicious, old-fashioned good food made by hand. Maybe it’s the isolation. Or stubbornness of people who insist and producing the same good food until something comes along that tastes better. I doubt anything will.

But the Garfagnana has surpassed the Lunigiana in one aspect. They have an “official” website from the Garfagnana and Serchio Valley Tourism Association called In Garfagnana. It’s not “done” yet, but you can read about the Garfagnana in English. There’s also a facebook page, mostly in Italian.

ponte del diavolo
Looking at the roadhouses from the top of the Ponte del Diavolo in the Garfagnana region of Tuscany.

The weekly events listings in the Garfagnana will be a welcome addition to those in the Lunigiana from TDL and the nascent Ciao Lunigiana blog, where you’ll find out, for example, about Christmas Markets and events in the Lunigiana

If you need a tour of the Garfagnana, I’ve discovered two guides who’ll happily take you where you’d like to go on a tour. Serena of Wish Versillia knows a great deal about the food of the Garfagnana and the Tuscan coast.

And Heather of Sapori + Saperi goes a step farther. You can have an adventure in northern Tuscany, learning to make salumi and other good things to eat.

Man, I wish I was going to be there for that. Instead, and soon after, we’ll be at Carnevale in Oristano, having reserved one of the last hotel rooms available for the big event in Sardinia.

Added: There is a special old, steam train leaving from La Spezia, stopping at Massa, Viareggio and Lucca to bring you foodies to the Castelnouvo chestnet festival—“Castelnuovo Città della Castagna”—>Treno dei Sapori 2010

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