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puglia olive tree pictureIf you’re following our newsletter, and you should be (sign up below or see our newsletter page for more info) you’ll know that I’ve enjoyed my time at Masseria Mita, where Vincenzo Imperatrice quit his job to be close to the land and to put out the best of what the earth in Puglia would yield. He’s done quite well, I can report.

I particularly like the natural, sparkling Riesling he’s producing. It’s called “Bo?” He also has a 900 year old olive tree—which you see on the right—on his pristine property, a family masseria built in 1700 as a Trappist monastery. This single tree produces a ton of olives every two years or so. I mean it. He reports 4-500 kilos of olives come off it every picking season, and they pick each tree every two years. Do you know why there appear to be two “lobes” on the tree? Well, as Vincenzo explained, it’s important that the air get to pass through the center of the tree, so that mold doesn’t form in the wet season. You’ll see this all over Puglia.

Next year, if it all goes right, you’ll be able to picnic under the generous branches of this old fella. And if you’ve planned right, you’ll have purchased one of his wines to go with your picnic food.

Vincenzo produces very fine wines from his estate. You might want to see a short video we made while we were there. Believe me, the sparkler was a hit. With everyone who tasted it. Remember the name, “Bo?” and you’ll be fine.

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