The Feast of Sacro Cuore

We 24 have finished eating. Read this as if it were triumphal. It was a marathon.

This is our village’s feast day. As the sun sets the procession will take to the streets. Solemnly. The feasting is over.

There were only four courses. Yes, normal folks could handle the load. But what courses!

In the Lunigiana, we have many kinds of pies stuffed with greens. They’re called Torte delle Verdure. I lost count of how many were at the table after I hit 7. They were all delicious. Then there was Armando’s mortadella and Alcede’s spicy coppa and foccaccia and olives and other things too numerous to mention.

On to the fettuccine with wild boar sauce we videoed Francesca cooking last night.

Then a pile of boar meat made its way to the tables.

And what can you say when dessert is pastries and cherries and flan and all manner of homemade liquors? Then champagne.

Excuse me while I lie down a moment…

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