La festa del Sacro Cuore

Our little village is preparing for La festa del Sacro Cuore tomorrow. It’s the biggest feast day of the year for little Piano di Collecchia. For weeks, folks have been sweeping, cleaning, pruning, weed-wacking and thinking about food.

Right now, 24 hours before the big event, folks are cooking like you wouldn’t believe. Francesca is making her mother’s chinghiale recipe for over the tagliarini. Wild boar. They bought about a quarter of one. Leg and ribs. Francesca let us video the whole deal.

The community wood oven is going. Angelo made the fire. He was in charge. Well, he was in charge until this humongous wasp-like thing came by and decided to stay near the oven a while. Angelo warned us that Alcede had been bitten by one just like it only smaller, and had to go to the hospital. We men have reverence for such bugs.

Angelo’s solution? He called in Gabriella. She ignored the beasty and moved stuff around like you have to do in a wood oven. There’s no knob to twist to set the temperature you know. You put things in certain places and shove them into different places if they get too hot or cold. Gabriella used a shovel. Folks here don’t use fancy equipment.

I am going to give you my theory, which has always been true in my experience: The taste of the food is inversely related to the cost of the equipment used to make it. Folks get too wound up on the subject of untensils, and the industrial empire is ready with the gold plated. motorized pizza tongs to sell to all the fools who think they need one to take the place of skill in the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter. I can’t wait. These dinners go all afternoon. It’s life celebrated to the max. Be back later with the results.

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