Lucca - The Video

Lucca is growing into my favorite Italian city. We had a great day there the other day, as I described in our facebook page. But now you don’t have to just read about it, you can live it right along with us.

Yes, we’ve made a video. It’s called Lucca: How to Spend a Morning in the Walled City

It’s got scenes of fantastic and rustic food and a special coffee drink, for those who live for such things. And I’ve climbed a tower so you don’t have to. Think of your heart and that frenzied beating I’ve saved it.

I didn’t even take a still camera to Lucca. Video is a different way of thinking; you’re always tied to the narrative. With the DSLR, it’s all about the moment.

Because you really can’t get all the information you need from a video, we have coded for you a map and visitor information for Lucca as well. It’s got the locations of our new favorite Lucca Ristorante and Bar, along with info for planning your own trip to this compelling city.

What’s not to like? You have walls that have kept out the industrial scourge and Lucca is off the beaten track far enough that you can actually hear Italian spoken on occasion. If you want to get even further off the beaten tourist track, just continue north until you get to the Lunigiana. There’s a very interesting Museum of Printing in Fivizzano I’ve visited that I need to talk to you about. Mussolini’s Typewriter is there.

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