Who Will Be Gracing the Presepe this year? Surprise! 

michael jackson presepe figurineFor those of you who just have to know which figure the artistic folks of Naples’ Via San Gregorio Armeno have selected for 2009—he’s over there to the right. Michael Jackson.

Yes, we’ve just spent the last few hours walking the streets of Naples, talking with the artists who produce the best of the figurines for your holiday presepe or nativity scene. We’ll have a picture gallery soon. But I know many of you who will want to see a sneak preview of one of the current faves on the famous people shelves of the not-without-a-political-sense-of-humor artisans that line the famous street of nativity scene figurines in Naples, the Via San Gregorio Armeno.

berlusconi presepe figurineOnce the miniature duomos start crashing into skulls, it doesn’t take much longer for the presepe folks to document the act than it does for those newfangled digital news photographers, as you can see by the picture on the left.

Click the presepe figures picture to see them in all their gruesome detail.

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