December in Rome: It's the Light 

picture of rome
Rome picture - Jewish Synagogue

I’m one of those people whose general mood is profoundly effected by the quality of light. Perhaps that is what attracts me to photography. Perhaps it also is what attracts me to places like Rome, where the effects of time and weathering on buildings and monuments makes us see the light in different ways every day. I never tire of this city.

I enjoy what is known among tourists as the “off-season” because of the light—and the shadows. Even now, in December, you can experience those crystal clear days, when every masonry crack is etched in shadow, when fading colors create a collage of abstract beauty that makes you stop and ponder the wonders of the simple things around you.

For me, the off season isn’t about saving money—it’s about seeing things without the summer haze and heat distortion responsible for the vagueness, the blurring of surface details. Take the picture above (click it to see it bigger). The colors are vigorous, the shadows tell you the angle of the light is low, waning early as in late fall—but the light is still powerful, yet kind. It’s much how you imagine your perfect god.

The dome you see in the picture belongs to the Jewish Synagogue in Rome.

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