On a Clear Day: Terenzano
Just drive anywhere in the Lunigiana for awesome eye candy

Ok, so you’ve had a winter’s day and it’s been all gray like old flannel underwear and you’ve huddled near the stove and shivered nearly to death and then the next day emerges all bright and bristly and the landscape is, in its upper extremities, doused with a fresh coat of snow so what do you do?

terenzano landscape in december
Terenzano landscape in December

Well, I head to Spino Fiorito for lunch. I make Martha drive me so that I can jump from the car just about any time I want and whip out my camera and snap a few. That’s Terenzano up there, with support from the Alpi Apuane.

It’s just another little town in the Lunigiana territory of northern Tuscany, bathed in an undulating landscape sprinkled with castles.

Nice, no? Here’s a big picture of the joint in summer and a map. Go there. The people might be friendly. I dunno, I’m so darn jealous of their view.

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