Mondovi Piazza Funicular Station

Mondovì is an interesting Langhe destination

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funicular station in Mondovi, Italy, November

Mondovì is an interesting town with two main centers in the Langhe wine region of Piemonte.

Mondovi, about 80 kilometers south of Torino, is the southern end of the Langhe wine country in the Dolcetto producing area. In the 15th century Mondovi was the largest city in Piemonte. The 18th century part of town at the base of the hill is fairly large and has a train station and shops. Take the cable railway up the hill to the charming old quarter called Piazza, the oldest part of town. Its medieval walls and tower date from the 12th century and the main square, Piazza Maggiore, has Gothic style buildings dating from the 14th – 16th centuries. There are several churches and chapels to visit ,a ceramics museum and shops, and a large park with views over the countryside but generally fewer tourists than in the other Langhe towns. Mondovi has a good Saturday market and a fall truffle market on weekends.

The other side of the funicular station puts you right in the center of Mondovì Piazza, the older(er) quarter of Mondovì.

mondovi piazza funicolare station
Mondovì Piazza, The Funicolare Station

Take a few steps and you’re looking at this view from the center of Mondovì Piazza, where you’ll find bars, shops and and restaurants.

mondavi piazza
Mondovì Piazza

What’s Interesting Near Mondovì?

The Sanctuary of Vicoforte is an impressive building featuring the largest elliptical dome in the world. There is a train from Mondovi to Vicoforte that makes the trip in 7 minutes. You can walk in an hour and a half.

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