Really Small Town Italy

I often wonder how many people have a distorted idea of Italy when they only stop over in Venice, Rome and Florence. Most visitors to Italy never get to see a really small town up close and personal. Sure, maybe you zip by in the Alfa…

In any case, I’ve posted some pictures of my little Piano di Collecchia, the town where Casa Gabriella awaits my return. See the new galleries at Wanderer’s Eye for pictures of Piano di Collecchia in its better moments, and a few of the Garfagnana and some San Francisco Zoo pictures thrown in for good measure.

Piano di Collecchia is a small town that doesn’t have any services, but is a 20 minute walk away from Serricciolo, which currently features a small supermarket. I say currently because a lot of small businesses have been failing recently due to ever larger supermarkets being built in larger towns. It’s a shame; we’ve lost our nice vegetable store and the bucher so far…

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