Sagra di Porchetta

sagra di porchettaYou couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day for a sagra. And you couldn’t ask for a better food to create a festival around than porchetta.

Yes, it’s that season again, when folks gather around picnic tables and get fed huge amounts of great food in a communal setting under the shade trees of a tiny village. This sagra was special. No plastic appeared. We drank from real glass and ate off real plates, as you can see in the picture. Life is good.

And cheap. The pasta (Panzarotti with ricotta and greens inside), a helping of porchetta (slices of young wood-roasted pig stuffed with herbs and pepper) and patate fritti (ahem, “French” fries if you must, or fried potatoes), along with a big bottle of fizzy water and a piece of torta d’erbe (a local favorite pastry with greens and onions inside) cost all of €15 and I’m stuffed.

(Want to attend a sagra in Italy? Just look for the sagra signs.)

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