Pilgrimage and Ponzi Schemes: Lugo, Italy

Lugo, Italy is the birthplace of the man I’m gonna stick my neck out and call the “father of modern economics”. Yes, Charles Ponzi was born Carlo Ponzi in Lugo, Italy in 1882. (We missed his birthday on March 3rd. Damn.)

That art of leveraging little to make a buck while screwing everybody else wasn’t always as popular a strategy as it is today. Besides, we don’t call such things swindles any more. We call it banking. For where we are today, we must tip the hat toward Mr. Ponzi, who was sent by his parents to the US in 1903. Perhaps, some biographers note, because they were sick and tired of his scheming. Perhaps, a lone blogger notes, because screwing others is more profitable in the US. Besides, if scheming fails, Americans can get the average taxpayer to pay off the debts.

Anyway, you might be thinking of having a quest for your European vacation. Well, here’s one: why not go on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Chuck Ponzi, schemer extraordinaire? I have made for you a map. Lugo is in the Emilia Romagna, in the Ravenna province. Even if Ponzi’s birthplace is a bust for you, you should get some good food, for which the Emilia Romagna is know.

You may be surprised to note that there are no pyramids in Lugo. Just an Este castle, rebuilt in 1500. Worth seeing though. See: Charles Ponzi’s Birthplace Map: Lugo, Italy

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