Photography and the Golden Hour

Do you wait for those honeyed tones to saturate your travel pictures?

Every travel photographer worth beans feels the quickening of pace toward that previously scouted “shot” that comes with the onset of a rising or setting sun, called “the Golden Hour” by some.

la maddalena tower photo
La Maddalena Tower, Monte Argentario

I don’t know if the picture above, of La Maddalena tower on Monte Argentario in Tuscany, really illustrates the golden hour, as we were in the middle of one of those lucky storms when the picture was taken, but it does have elements of the golden hour with its warm, luminous tones.

In any case, when searching the web for some mapping software, I came upon a wonderful tool that tells you when the golden hour should occur wherever you are (or wherever you dream of being). It sniffs your ip and presents you with a map and timeline for when the Golden Hours are where you’re sitting. You can also choose a map location if you want to predict the Golden Hours for another place on earth.

Darn Cool Photo Tool: The Golden Hour Index


Travel Tip: This is why I go to Italy spring and fall—the golden hour occurs at a reasonable time in the off season, i.e., you’re not in bed cursing at the alarm or at dinner when the good light occurs.

More on Monte Argentario, a very interesting part of Tuscany. Just in case the picture intrigues you I mean.

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