Italian Sausage - Salsiccia

salsiccia, italian sausageOne of the great things about living in Italy—or renting a house or apartment in Italy for a while—is shopping for great food. It’s not as expensive as you might think, especially considering the weakness of the dollar.

As you might be able to discern from the picture on the left if you’ve got great eyesight and some luck, the cost of salsiccia piccante or finocchio (fennel) is 6.50 Euros per Kilo, or just less then 3 Euros a pound. You can’t come close to that for good, non-industrial sausage in the US. And this is in Florence of all places, not a cheap place to shop.

If you like food, make sure you stay a while in Italy, preferably with a place with a kitchen, even if you don’t plan to cook. The fridge can hold lots of deli goodies you’ll want to try as well as your stash of sausage.

You might enjoy Buying Salami in Italy or even Florence for Foodies | Inside San Lorenzo Market, where this picture was taken.

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