Wandering Italy's Amalfi Coast
Maps and travel guides for planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast

What could be more romantic than wandering the Amalfi Coast and checking out Sorrento or the Isle of Capri? Giovanni Visetti’s website can help. He’s a guide and mapmaker, and much of his mapping work can be downloaded on the site.

We’ve added Giovanni to our Walking and Trekking Italy resources. Another route recommended to the hopelessly romantic trekker is just about anywhere in the Cinque Terre.

Martha’s Italy offers an Amalfi Coast cities map and travel guide showing the best cities and towns to visit on the jagged coast in central Campania

Martha says:

The stunning Amalfi Coast is one of Southern Italy’s top destinations for visitors. Pretty towns cling to dramatic cliffs rising up from the sea. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing, romantic seaside vacation. See the top towns to visit on our Amalfi Coast Italy map below.

And you’re not so for from the spectacular ruins at Pompeii

A Little View of Positano


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