The Joshua Tree

Yes, the Joshua Tree, yucca brevifolia, resides in the Mojave desert, not in Italy. Yet, oddly, there’s a Joshua Tree Pub in Florence, at Via della Scala 41.

In fact, there are lots of restaurants and bars in Europe called Joshua Tree. I have no idea why.

I mention this to you because I’ve recently taken some pictures at Joshua Tree National Park and they turned out rather nicely, so I wanted to add a link and this is my idiotic attempt to nudge this post so that it faces vaguely towards Italy.

So shoot me.

Oh, here’s the link: Joshua Tree Pictures

I will not bother you again with pictures of silly trees and rocks. I promise.

(They have a longish happy hour at the Joshua Tree Pub in Florence: 4pm to 9pm.)

(By the way, the Joshua Tree Pub is not as likely to go extinct as the Joshua Tree itself, due to global warming and the giant ground sloth being, you know, extinct.)

Done now.

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