Salama da Sugo - The Sauce Salami from Ferrara

It’s funny what happens when you start to search for something on the web. You find other things. Suddenly, you’re off on a tangent.

While looking for the price of Pecorino Toscana (after paying $19 a pound for it in San Francisco and wondering how much less I’d pay in Tuscany), I came across something I’d never heard of before. My tangent? Salama da Sugo, a rather medieval sausage that takes days to prepare, but makes its own sauce in the process. It’s a sort of convenience food for people with too much time on their hands…

You see, those clever Ferrarese have been making the humongous salama since the 15th century or so. They’re fat with ground pig and its innards, spices, red wine and sometimes stronger booze, then the gooey mess is bound tightly with staunch string to hold in all the melty goodness, then left in a dank place so the outside gets all moldy.

You have to soak it overnight and wash the mold off, then boil it for 5 to 10 hours, hung so it doesn’t touch the sides of the pot. When prepared correctly, a sauce that forms inside, and some say you cook the whole fat deal in a bag which collects any sauce that might manage to escape.

You eat Salama da Sugo with mashed potatoes (pure), preferably for Christmas.

Below are some resources on Salama da Sugo.

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Photo Blog:

Salama da sugo from FX Cuisine – See how it’s made.

YouTube Video:

La Salama Da Sugo – Food Porn showing the sugo inside the Salama.

Where to get Salama da Sugo:

Recommendations from La salama da sugo ferrarese:
Trattoria ‘Il Mandolino’, via Carlo Mayr, 83 (tel. 0532/60080); Ristorante ‘Il Vecchio Mulino’, via X Martiri, 245 – Porotto (tel. 0532/730000);
Ristorante ‘Provvidenza’, corso Ercole I d’Este, 92 (0532/205187).

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