Naples: Fireworks or Sex?
Aristophanes is in, fireworks are out

I know, it used to be that you looked for fireworks when you had sex. Then the religious wrong took the stage and you were supposed to only have sex to have babies.

Now, the women of Naples will use the power of sex to try to dissuade their menfolk from lighting up firecrackers and the like (and then having to treat the walking wounded later).

Persuasive Carolina Staiano started a committee:

‘‘We’re fed up with these stupid annual massacres. ‘‘This time they’re just going to have to choose: sex or fireworks’‘.

I like it.

It seems that Aristophanes is coming back in style. You’ll remember his masterpiece called Lysistrata, in which women, tired of constant war, withheld sex from their men. The stage was crowded with erect penises. They were made of wood, but, you know, it was a play and all…

War, of course, is all about sex.

It’s something they teach anthropologists. I mean, what’s the point of rewarding warriors with money? There’s no place to spend it during a war, and no place to keep the crap you might buy. You can’t reward warriors with food, because you want them to have decent nourishment so they can kill the maximum number of folks. So what’s left? Sex! Yes, after you’ve run your sword through a decent number of people you have been brainwashed to arbitrarily hate, you get to rape and pillage. It’s always been that way.

It’s not just women from Naples who are taking action against idiocy by disallowing access to their nether regions. It seems to be happening elsewhere as well. On Monday thousands of actresses all over the world are taking part in a reading of the aforementioned Greek play Lysistrata, as part of a protest against the war in Iraq:

Rhea Leman, an American theatre director who is directing Monday’s play in Christianhavn near Copenhagen, said: “Basically we are saying No Peace, No Sex.”

Well, great balls of fire! It’s a revolution! For Peace! More power to ‘em. Now if they could just get the big penises out of high finance, that would be a real treat.

‘No sex if you let off fireworks’

Sex boycott urged over war

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