Wakeboarding Venice

You’ve probably heard: on Monday, Venice was inundated by water. Acqua alta they call it.

You may also have seen pictures of some guy wakeboarding in San Marco. How’d he do it? That was my question.

Leave it to journalist Nicole Martinelli to get to the bottom of things. Via zoomata’s Floods Mean Surf’s Up in Venice, Italy she writes of Dutch wakeboarder Duncan Zuur and his team pulling off the short stunt. It’s pretty interesting. There’s video.

But what got me is that Zuur was sponsored. Yup. Every time you ask yourself, “what kinda nut case would pull of this kinda dumass trick?” there’s either a sponsor or a political party behind it.

It’s a sign of the times I guess.

To learn more about Venice and the water that pours over the paving, see our little video: Acqua Alta in Venice

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