Italian Lap Dancers and Prostitutes Know Their Euros

Here’s a story for all of you who believe prostitutes and lap dancers don’t serve a moral purpose in modern society.

You see, there’s a great story from ANSA this morning that has Italian lap dancers and prostitutes weeding out skilled counterfeiters. It comes with the tag line: Alert women weeded out fake bills from panty hauls.

Yes folks, government agents couldn’t capture a pair of elusive counterfeiters, but enter some, um, “sex workers” who paid attention to detail and wham, into the slammer the bad guys go. Yes, they knew the “virtually indistinguishable from legal tender” bills were fake.

I can see the television commercial now. A nattily attired government agent in a snap brim fedora is dangling a pair of translucent dainties from his ring finger. He sneers at the lens, “Do you know what’s in your panties?”

Cmon, if you’ve seen Italian television you know such a thing is possible.

Lap dancers expose counterfeiters

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