One Last Dinner in the Lunigiana

salami trophy picture Last night we ate at Francesca and Armando’s. That’s their trophy you’re looking at. Pretty slick, eh? I particularly like the shining, naked babes intertwined sinuously to become the central support for the cup while the little plastic porker waits below to alert you to the fact they’ve won it for their pig products, in this case salami. And the color of the house, as you can see, pretty much mimics the healthy pink of the pig.

We had a traditional Lunigiana repast. Farro soup was followed by sausage and beans (the Borlotti beans to be added to our list of local foods grown and eaten in little Piano di Colleccia which so far includes: olive oil, polenta, honey, chestnuts, wine of all colors and flavors, after dinner drinks including mirto and centerbe, as well as various pig products including the much-trophied salami and the wonderful culatello we had after the sausage and beans).

Then there was a cheese course including Pecorino with honey and a Calabrian cheese which was very piccante.

This, of course, was followed by some dolce we had brought in Aulla.

And it was all washed down with homemade wine (and a bottle of wine from Monte Argentario we’d bought).

It is our last night in the Lunigiana. Tomorrow we’re off to San Remo, then home to California via Nice, Strasbourg, and Frankfurt.

I’m quite sad to have to leave.

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