Watch out in Italy - U.S. Travel Advisory Says

The US State Department warned travellers about ongoing security concerns in Italy in a Security Advisory issued this week. There might be demonstrations. They might turn violent, says the US.

The ridiculous warning is already being used as political fodder by Italian politicians, and in much the same way it might be used in America. Berlusconi is quoted by the New York Times as pointing out the unseen dangers of the unplanned demonstrations, “I have the right and the duty to underline the danger of the political left, which wishes to bring party leaders to Parliament who want to snuff out our opinions by using violence.”

Romano Prodi, who’s running against Mr. Berlusconi, is less convinced of the political neutrality of the advisory. He called the American ambassador, Ronald P. Spogli, for an explanation.

“He explained to me that it is standard practice, but I remain very surprised,” Mr. Prodi said afterwards on an Italian radio program.. “Because a move like this, with the elections so close, can bring with it a sense of anguish and fear, and there is no need for that.”

Ah, it’s a hard life for travellers. You can’t go anywhere in complete safety any more. Someone may be having an election. Other people might want to demonstrate their right to protest something. Can’t we just make it all one grand Disneyland and push life to the background?

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