The Venaria Reale - North of Torino

So I’m reading this news report about how Head of State Carlo Azeglio Ciampi thinks the Olympics were great for Torino, and saying that the restoration work done on the Venaria Reale showed “another very beautiful manifestation of this spirit of initiative that there is in Piedmont.”

The Venaria Reale has been called the “Versailles of Italy.” Now I want to go there. There’s a nice web site, too, revealing the gushing review of the place in the 1682 text of the Theatrum Sabaudiae:

The most important of the wonderful holiday residences where his Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy regularly stayed is Venaria Reale, a little over three miles from Turin and certainly well worth a visit. Duke Carlo Emanuele II so named it since he felt it to be a perfect hunting ground, fit for a King.

The restoration is part of the Savoy Residences project, which brought us the restaurant Combal.Zero in the Manica Lunga wing of restored Castello di Rivoli in the fall of 2002.

And there will be a restaurant in the Venaria Reale, if there isn’t already:

Slated for 2006, the new restaurant at Reggia di Venaria will be the next to open, unveiling an atmosphere and culinary experience that evoke the noble pride of the 17th and 18th century Savoy court. The restaurant’s opening will help crown the massive 200 million euro restoration of the entire Venaria complex, a collection of beautiful buildings and parklands coined the “Versailles” of Turin. Located on the second floor of the Torrione Est designed by Garove and complemented with a panoramic terrace, the regal eatery will seat 130 people.

Poly74 has a nice VirtualTourist page on visiting the Venaria Reale.

I wanna go.

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