Alfa Romeo Coming to USA in 2010!

In a world full of bad news, and a government of buffoons in the US pledging crap like a tax exemption for wooden arrows used by children as an “enticement” for lawmakers to pass a law allowing taxpayers to pay back the gambling debts of rich people, we have recently heard from Italy Magazine that Alfas might just be available in the US as early as 2010.

Speaking at the Paris Automobile Show, Marchionne explained that “at present we are analysing how to bring Alfa Romeo to the USA and with whom, given the various alternatives we have open to us”.

“In 2010 we should have distribution under way, while in regard to production a future plant could be anywhere in North America,” he added.

I remember my two Alfas with particular fondness. The 1969 spider stuck to the road like politicians stick to lies, and the 1600 cc engine in a light body (under 2000 pounds) made more than enough horsepower to get you going fast and furious.

Even my later Berlina (sedan) surprised folks. Its 2 liter engine made about the same horsepower as a small V8 like the Chevy 305 of that time.

You got to know Alfas because they just sounded different. And despite the claims of people who didn’t know diddly about driving a high performance automobile, Alfa motors lasted a very long time if you drove them like an Italian. Lotsa revs is good for them, otherwise you end up with a rebuild that costs big bucks.

I’m shivering in anticipation.

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