Autumn Light in Tuscany
Shoulder season isn't just about saving money: there's the light to consider!

Yesterday, I braved the threat of rain to visit Pistoia. Pistoia is one of a string of Tuscan powerhouses that extends from Lucca to Florence. It has a wonderful Piazza with lots to photograph. Below is the side entrance to the Duomo, a town’s main cathedral.

pistoia cathedral
Pistoia Cathedral Back Door

The light that enters is from above, filtered through clouds and bounced along the irregular walls (is that the apse of a church sticking out of the left one?). It’s a light well effect, soft and yielding.

It wasn’t until I took the train home that I realized how much light, an ethereal, free thing, becomes a commodity to photographers. The sun had started to peek out from the heavy clouds, to selectively light objects in its path. I was practically clawing at the train windows, “There’s a photo out there! And I want to take it!”

Then, pulling into Viareggio, the light decided it had tortured me enough. There it was, the autumn light, playing tricks with the eye, tricks that make you love being alive in Italy.

viareggio light
Autumn Light: Viareggio Train Station

Autumn light comes to play again in the glow of a window in Pistoia. It’s that time, dusk, that strikes fear in the tourist who doesn’t have a hotel reserved, but strikes a rather more positive cord with photographers. The air was damp and still. It was just after three in the afternoon, as you can see by the clock. Magic happened; light glowed warmly.

orologiaio pistoia
Orologiaio: Clock Sales and Repair

Taking a fall vacation isn’t just about saving money. Check out the weather and historic climate for Florence.

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