Bizarre Foods Hits Sicily

My hero Andrew Zimmern is shown eating the “bizarre foods” of Sicily on YouTube

I like Zimmern because of his passion for showing that food is food, that eating things that are unfamiliar to you probably won’t kill you. This applies especially Americans, whose do-not-eat-because-it’s-cute list could fill libraries.

Zimmern’s Sicily show seems tame. “He tastes sardine meatballs, cow spleen and artichoke ice cream,” says the lit.

We make tuna meatballs all the time. It’s an appetizer our friends like. Gilroy has garlic ice cream, and my favorite dish at the now defunct Biblos in San Francisco was lamb spleen, RIP. Ok, these are not the same dishes, but still…

Didya know Zimmern was doing a live podcast once a month? Zimmern’s favorite meat, he admits in one of them, is donkey. I’ve come across “asino” quite frequently on my Italian travels. It is good. I’m with Zimmern on this one, but I don’t see much asino on restaurant menus any more. Perhaps it is because major political parties the world over hire them all these days.

Speaking of which, if Mr. Zimmern didn’t pull his punches with Sarah Palin, then he could be my super-hero. “The book-banning scourge of Wasilla, Alaska?” C’mon Andrew, you can do better than that!

Find out more about fabulous Sicily and have a gander at a fine spleen sandwich: Pani ca’ Meusa.

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