Coffee Anyone? The Cost of Stuff in Italy

People are always asking about the price of things in Italy. They want to know if they can really get a late model Ferrari in Italy for the price of a spiffy, like-new 1976 Ford Pinto like the neighbor told them they could.

So I occasionally put out these bulletins to save the gullible. You never know.

Yesterday I bought the Italian version of this Gaggia Compact Espresso Machine at the Ipercoop in Sarzana. It cost me €195 out the door, about $280 at the current exchange rate.

Now, if you checked out what wants for the same thing, American Style, you’ll notice that you’d have to pay a highly discounted $558.88 to have it come to your door.

That’s a big difference.

So yes, Italian appliances are expensive in the US. Best to spend a little extra money and buy a house here. That way you’ll be able to buy stuff cheap and use it without taking it over the pond.

Hey, the prices of houses are going down in Tuscany. I checked just this morning. And the price of a coffee at a bar in a small town around here? € .70 – 2.0.

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