Summer Grilled Vegetable Pasta

I gotta apologize for the big pictures I’m going to foist upon your tired eyes. Summer vegetables are darn purty, you gotta admit. You can even spiff them up a bit by squeezing the tomatoes to rid them of their ugly seeds and then stuff some fresh oregano into the voids…

vegetables prepared for grilling

Then you grease them up and set them on a hot grill, where they wrinkle up and get some more color. (OK, it’s just black, but it adds interest, doncha think?)

grilled vegetables pasta picture

What I usually do is grill something for dinner, then use the still hot coals to grill my vegetables while I’m eating. Then I refrigerate them and make them into a pasta sauce the following night.

grilled vegetable pastaHow? Well, you just chop everything up, add some oil or butter to a pan, maybe a little chopped garlic, then the rest. While it’s getting re-heated, you cook some penne in abundant salted water and right before it’s done (meaning way too al dente) you put the pasta into the bubbling sauce and let it finish cooking bathed in grilled goodness.

It’s not hard.

Then you plate it up and serve with some cheese. Maybe a little bit too much cheese in this case, but hey, if you’re a true blue American, you love excess, no?

Buon appetito!

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