Looking at a Map Sideways

Maps are darned important these days. Nobody seems to want to get lost any more.

We don’t have time for getting lost, but we do have time for baseball. Go figure.

I do like maps. I used to make a living my making maps of archaeological sites. They were like high tech treasure maps.

And that’s what makes maps so romantic, the fact that they might contain a treasure, something we’re better for having found.

Today’s tourist has a lot of maps at his disposal. You can plan your Florence vacation with an interactive Florence map for example. Then you buy paper maps.

Then you buy clothing with lots of pockets because you need lots of maps, especially for cities where you need a subway map, a map of neighborhoods, a street map, and maybe a highway map for getting to that city.

There’s a new technology—which seems to me is really an old technology—that goes into a new product called panamap. You see, with a panamap, you look at the map at different angles and you see different information that overlays the map. So if you are looking at a street may you could look down on a map and see the neighborhood boundaries overlaid upon the streets. When you figure out the neighborhood you want to explore, you could look at the map from the left and see the subway routes.

Yes, just like those tiny pictures that changed when you changed your viewing angle you used to get in Cracker Jack boxes if you didn’t swallow it.

See more on the Panamap, including a video.

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