Berlusconi's favorite food?

Why do we have such a fascination with public figures and what they eat? Wait, maybe we don’t. I have no idea what Bush eats, besides pretzels, which seem to have a mysterious effect on his consciousness. Maybe that’s the problem.

In any case, Billionaire’s Beef contains the answer to the question in the title. Heck, I’m gonna spoil it for you: Manzo alla California (Beef California) is the preferred dish of the guy nobody seems to like who gets elected multiple times (Berlusconi, I mean).

The post claims there’s a place called “California” near Monza, and hence the name. I checked. Listen, there are two California’s in Italy. There is one north of Monza, a frazione di Camparada or a small village administered by the town of Camparada. The other California is a frazione of Castelfranco Emilia.

You learn something every day—if you stay away from television.

So I’ve got this theory. You won’t like it. It says that the worse leaders eat the most pedestrian foods. That’s not to say that Manzo alla California isn’t a compelling way to deal with a big ol’ hunk o’ beef, but it’s beef cooked in milk and vinegar, for pete sakes.

Beef California is not as pedestrian as skipping a meal and eating mind-altering prezels, I give you that. But maybe it’s because babies are weaned on olive oil in Italy and so have a slight advantage on kiddies spoon-fed a slurry of left overs, I dunno.

I guess that would make the best presidential candidate somebody like Andrew Zimmern, who makes his living eating Bizarre Foods in every corner of the earth.

And as elections approach and the stuff coming out of each candidate’s mouthes gets blander and less palatable—I’m thinkin’ he’s not such a bad write-in choice.

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