International Food Crisis Summit Begins Obscenely

“No one understands … how over-consumption by obese people in the world costs 20 billion dollars each year,’‘ the head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation told an international summit on the food price crisis. ~ International food crisis summit begins

So all these world leaders are going to get together in Rome to solve the food crisis in a world were the big boys find it necessary to spend 1.2 trillion dollars a year in weapons. The AP tells us that that these elite experts in world hunger are going to eat “Italian Specialties”

Like hell they are. The first dish on the list:


Hmmm. There’s almost no way to make a French foo-foo pastry into a traditional Italian “specialty.”

But what the hell are they doing sitting down to a dish of puffed pastry anyway, even if the sin of calling it an Italian specialty is ignored?

In Italy, like in other places, cucina povera represents the incredible diversity of cuisine that people of scarce means developed to survive based on local and somewhat easy to procure foodstuffs that nobody with a bulge in his belly wanted to eat.

It’s time to celebrate their work and sacrifice. It’s time to put them on a pedestal instead of the fat bastards who push the obscene flow of food in the world toward countries promising low tax rates and other favors to corporate crap food farms.

Hey, next time your summit comes to Tuscany, gimme a call. I’ll tell you where you can put your vol-au-vent. Then, when our bellies are screaming out to be fed, we can talk about really fixing this world.

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