Lerici: Eating Fish in a cave, Dante, Underground War Shelters

Lerici in an afternoon

Lerici is one of our favorite places to walk along the sea, eat seafood, wander the historic streets along the Gulf of Poets, and not attempt to get to the Cinque Terre on a horribly packed train.

Like many other places in the vicinity, it pays tribute to Dante.

It has shelters, tunnels built under the castle and in town to protect folks from WWII bombs.

You can explore the coastal wildlife in a little submarine.

And you can eat in a cave. Yes, at the intimate Osteria del Vicolo they have one that seats three. And that’s what we’ll explore first in a little video.

The Osteria del Vicolo is found (or discovered anew) at Salita Arpara, 1, 19032, Lerici. The price for the food and wine seen in the video was about 20 euro per person.

It looks like this, a place there can’t possibly be plating tweezers:

osteria del vicolo lerici
Osteria del vicolo, front view, then down the alley is the outside seating, 4 tables near the blue umbrellas

On to Dante in Lerici

He’s right on the waterfront.

dante statue in Lerici
Dante Alighieri in Lerici

The Downtown Lerici Shelter Tunnel

Head for infinity, you never know…

padula shelter tunnel
The Padula Shelter Tunnel in Lerici

Built for WWII, the shelter tunnel holds 2100 people they say. Perhaps they were stacked like cordwood. It tunnels between Via Gervini with Via Cavour. Plaques in Italian and English explain everything.

The Red Tourist Submarine

Explore underwater between Lerici and Portovenere on the NemoSub.

Nemosub Lerici

Catch the Ferry to the Cinque Terra from the port of Lerici

lerici ferry for the cinque terre
Catch a ferry for the Cinque Terre in the Port of Lerici

Ferries run between the Cinque Terre villages from March 23 until November 3, 2024.

Ferry schedules to the Cinque Terre

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