It's Always About the Food

I dropped my mom off at Linate airport yesterday. We had a nice visit. I don’t know what it is, but being surrounded by women for 10 days or so has brought the “macho me” to the surface. I found myself writing about guys weekends, as if I could singlehandedly stem the tide of girlie vacations currently bombarding the market. There’s nothing like a group tour for those long, solitary walks on the beach.

Ok, so it’s not just that the bathroom in our humble abode was unavailable for hours on end. Nor was it the incessant shopping for trinkets we had to do. The problem must have run deeper.

After we dropped mom off at the airport, we went to the town of Soragna to visit the Rocca Meli Lupi. That’s a castle. Lots of towns in Italy have them.

The Rocca Meli Lupi is near the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi. Much of what’s inside is from the Baroque period. I found myself looking at the portraits of folks who sported those curly wigs 17th century French men weren’t ashamed of wearing but should have been, and couldn’t help thinking, “who in his right mind would have though that was attractive?”

Thankfully, the thing that got me out of my macho funk was lunch at the Bar-Trattoria Al Voltone in Soragna. We got there just after noon. The place was filling up. 10 minutes later they were turning people away.

I ordered the tagliarini with sausage and cream. Yes, you heard that right: sausage and cream. When it came to the table it looked as heart-clotting hideous as it sounds. You’d probably recognize the sauce as something you might have left in the neighbor’s hedgerow after a bender.

But it was good. Extraordinarily good. And it was something your mother wouldn’t ever recommend you order in a restaurant. Maybe it was just the thing I needed to turn me around. In fact it was. I feel like a new man now.

Shoe shopping anyone? I saw some nice pumps in Busseto…

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