Italian Speed Traps and Those Clever Chinese 

The Italian countryside is clotted with boxes that gleefully photograph your “speeding” car and its license plates. By “speeding” I mean going over the ridiculously low speed limits imposed these days on Italian country roads. There are also two systems that automatically ticket drivers on the autostrada.

There are some low-tech ways to try to obscure your license plates in order to avoid detection (the shame!). But as far as I know there are no clever ways to avoid detection.

Until now.

It is the Chinese—a country of people hungry for innovation and wealth without large, industrial companies out to stifle either—who have found a clever answer.

Speeding drivers in south China are getting clear away thanks to machines which switch the numbers on their license plates in seconds, state media said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

What’s next for the Chinese, hurdles that disappear when a Chinese Olympic contestant jumps them? I can’t wait to see what they come up with…

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