Rain Pounds the Lunigiana

The rainy night before last I was awakened by a crash. I went back to sleep. In the morning Martha cried out, “we have a problem!”

Which, of course, means that I have some manly work to do.

So there, leaning over at a drunken angle, was much of our kiwi arbor. The rest was in chunks on the sidewalk.

Yes, kiwis are popular here.

The arbor had been held together by bailing wire. Really. I’ve probably used that phrase for years to describe badly maintained old cars and other things that were cobbled together, but this is the first time I’ve used it to describe reality.

Italians are known for hand-crafting fine things. Evidently kiwi arbors aren’t on the list.

What could I do? The supports were heavy, and mostly still held together. One had unhinged completely. I pushed that one off the sidewalk, along with some smaller bits. My job was done, until someone else manly enough to get the arbor erect again came along to help.

Then more rain fell. Just about lunch time, the internet went dead. I tried lots of things, some of them quite manly. I unplugged. I booted. I unbooted. I cussed up a storm. Still nothing.

So, I called Fabrizio. No answer. Finally, we get in touch. The entire network in Italy, he tells me, is down—because of the rain. At five it comes back. Of course, I couldn’t really hear him all that well—the telephone lines seemed just as screwed up. I could hear several conversations going at once.

And it’s still raining today…

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