Poppiano Castle and the Colli Fiorentini

Wine Country where the April sunsets are second to none

April is the cruelest month, at least if you’re concerned about the space left on your compact flash card.

We’ve just returned from a short visit to the Colli Fiorentini, the hills of Florence Chianti wine region to the west of Chianti Classico, staying at the incredible Le Torri vacation apartments.

Le Torri is on via Poppiano, a road the leads you down a typical cypress-lined path to the castle of Poppiano. If you walk in the other direction, you’ll find yourself in the town of San Querico, with stores and bars and a staging point for the following picture:

poppiano castle sunset
View of Poppiano Castle at Sunset

Yes, I took darn near 30 of these as the sun did tricks behind the abundant spring clouds while Martha was scouting for dinner. A bottle of local Chianti later, the pics were safely duplicated on the computer’s hard drive and we dined on some of the tastier local products.

The tower in the picture is almost totally devoted to the production of Vin Santo, from the drying of the Malvasia grapes on the lower level just below the tower, to five stories of vats containing the wine from the past five vintages, the oldest at the top. It’s quite a site to see, and the view from the top of the tower is incredible (and on a spring morning, so was the intensity of the wind).

Poppiano from the castle tower

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