Bollito Misto Redux

Maryann of Finding La Dolce Vita issued me a challenge:

The next time you make something sound that delicious, please include a photo.

Well then:

bollito misto picture
Here it is, bollito misto on the second day, up close and personal.

There are many problems with this photo. The photo was taken on the second day of the bollito. Green sauce loses its luscious green on the second day. The garlic bits get a little yellow; the yellow is exaggerated by the lighting I used, or rather stole. You see, I put the plate directly in the slanting light of a spring afternoon to lend a bit of drama to what might turn out to be a boring-looking photo. Casa Gabriella does not have a studio with lighting equipment.

And finally, I played by my own rules. The crop is tight. The picture is a bit of bollito misto, up close and personal. Vegetarians may be offended seeing a hunk of meat like this. This is not an entirely bad thing. I also imagine this picture cropped further for your personal yahoo page. Hehe, big meat rulz, especially when sandwiched between drivel scribbled about politics and big business.

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