The Perfect Place to Stay in Italy?

For those of us whose ideas of the perfect vacation would include a time sleeping in Italy’s quiet rural areas punctuated by short forays into the cities, and who’d like to do it for a longer period, I’ve just visited a very interesting project being developed in the shadow of Bagnone’s castle here in the Lunigiana, just 45 mintes from the Cinque Terre and the other attractions along the Italian Riviera.

You can see the view here:

Bagnone Houses Lunigiana
Houses and apartments for sale with fabulous views in Northern Tuscany, the Lunigiana region.

Yes, that’s snow on the mountains. But we were in shirtsleeves while we toured the property with the developer and took this picture.

The two structures you see in the foreground are being turned into apartments for vacationers. Other buildings will be free standing houses. Prices start at €150,000 for a “monolocale” or studio, and go up to €450,000 for a full house. The smaller places are just right for two, and will be restructured with a great deal of respect for the local traditions of Tuscan architecture.

When completed, the complex will be a gated community. Properties would be fully managed. The flowers in your window box will be there for you when you return.

You could rent out your purchase, which might take the sting out of the currency transaction, especially if you purchase in dollars.

Interesting concept. It’s the best piece of property in the Lunigiana I can imagine. Just think, you walk a few minutes down a traffic-free path, then over a medieval hump-back bridge (Bagnone’s Ponte Vecchio) and you’re smack in the middle of the thriving community of Bagnone, where you’ll find restaurants, bars, a weekly market, banks, and more.

Paradise? Well, I’m not sure. But it would seem to come close—as long as you had the money and the time to return as often as you’d want.

I could go on and on about the location, but I won’t bore you with details if you’re not interested in buying property in Italy. Email me if you’d like more information—the link is to the left. But I’ll be jealous; the little apartments would make the perfect holiday stay in one of the most beautiful villages of northern Tuscany.

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