Happy International Day of Italian Cuisines

Yes, today we celebrate International Day of Italian Cuisines. It’s the feast day of Sant’Antonio Abate, one of the most popular saints of Italy, the patron of domestic animals, butchers and salami makers, according to itchefs & Co.

No, itchefs aren’t the chefs of information technology, they’re Italian chefs working in non-Italian places, like the Americas.

They have some nice no-nos Yes, the actually publish a no-no list.

Too often outside Italy impostors of quality Italian restaurateurs take advantage of their clients’ ignorance and serve dishes that have nothing to do with the diverse and vast repertoire of classic Italian cuisine.

Well, that’s certainly good advice. A little harsh, but these guys don’t mince words, or garlic:

Avoid garlic or the empty Chianti flask hung on the restaurant’s wall.

I think they mean avoid nailing a head of garlic to the wall, but then again:

Do not serve warmed bread nor olive oil and aceto balsamico, whether genuine or false, with it and never serve roasted garlic with it either.

Ok, the list is a bit, um, restrictive. But I understand. Lots of stuff we associate with Italy isn’t Italian. As they point out, Caesar salad is what its name implies, a Mexican dish most likely born in Tijuana.

Do not serve pizza with pineapple.

I’m with that.

Today, on International Day of Italian Cuisines, Over 130 Italian chefs and restaurateurs in 35 countries will cook Pasta alla Carbonara according to the original, authentic recipe.

Which reminds us that there lots of short cuts have cropped up in Italian cooking lately. One of them is adding cream to Pasta alla Carbonara.

That’s just plain wrong. As the itchefs say:

Use cream only in pastry making.

A wise Italian chef once pointed out to me that whipping the eggs together with the grated cheese until your arms were about to fall off was the secret to creaminess in Pasta alla Carbonara. It was.

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